- Robert ADLER (Technion, Israel)  
        Why do plankton cells aggregate: a view from superprocesses.

- Philippe CURY (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, France) 
        Diversity: Future Challenge for modelling in fisheries Oceanography

- André M. de ROOS (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 
        The influence of size-dependent life history traits on the structure and dynamics of populations and communities

- Lev GINZBURG (University of Stony Brook, USA) 
        Ecological Orbits. How planets move and populations grow 

- Louis GROSS (University of Tennessee, USA) 
        Spatial Control in Ecology: Turning Theory into Practice for Natural System Management 

- Yoh IWASA (University of Kyushu, Japan) 
        Synchronized reproduction of trees in the forests

- Mathew KEELING (University of Warwick, UK) 
        Understanding local structure in epidemics: Networks and pair-wise approximations. 

- Bob KOOI (Free University Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 
        Food web models as dynamical systems 

- Michel LANGLAIS (University of Bordeaux, France) 
        Structured population dynamics problems with spatial migration: applications to heterogeneous insular populations.

- Nils Chr. STENSETH (University of Oslo, Norway)
        Modelling ecological effects of climate fluctuations through the statistical modelling of  long-term time series data

- Mark WOOLHOUSE (University of Edinburgh, UK) 
        Modelling infectious diseases of livestock.