1. Instructions for oral presentations

2. Instructions for poster presentations

3. Proceedings


1. Instructions for oral presentations


1.1. The duration of oral presentations will be 20 min. plus 5 min. of questions.


1.2. Each room will have a over-head projector and a video projector. If someone needs any extra equipment please contact the organization.


2. Instructions for poster presentations


These guidelines have been drawn up to assist in raising the quality of the AICME II poster sessions.

The Scientific Committee is concerned that a high standard is maintained, that new ideas and activities are presented, and that recent developments are highlighted. It is also concerned to have a diversity of topics exhibited and to encourage newcomers to participate.

If possible, proposals for poster sessions can state to which of special sessions they relate (few are possible).

Poster sessions will remain in place all along the conference. Two periods will be dedicated to the visit of posters ; during that time, all posters should be accompanied by a presenter, being able to answer questions and to provide further information. 

 Poster presentation

 Posters will be on boards measuring 120cm (height) x 120cm (width)*.

A clear typeface must be used and 24pt is the smallest recommended type size to be used.


Full use of colour, bold and larger typefaces is encouraged and all sections of the poster should be clearly legible from a distance of 2 meters.

The use of illustrative material, photographs, etc is recommended.

The design should be thought out so as to give quick impact and attract immediate interest.

It is important that the poster illustrates a topical theme that is easily comprehended in a poster format. They should convey a simple message.

The organization will supply the material needed to stick the posters on the boards. Please do not bring your own material. 

* If the size must exceed, please contact us.  


3. Proceedings
Collections of papers based on the presentations made during the Conference will appear as special issues of international journals. We have agreements with Ecological Modelling, Mathematical Biosciences, Comptes Rendues de l’Academie des Sciences de Paris : Biologies, Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications and Ecological Complexity.

It is envisaged to have several different issues in order to cover the variety of the themes of the Conference from Theoretical Ecology to Mathematical Ecology.


The general policy of the organizers regarding the contents of the papers is as follows: 

   - There will be no page limitation, the papers should comply with the criteria of novelty and quality required in journals.

   - Papers can, by no means, be an extended summary of previous work or work to appear.

   - Papers assimilated to “proceedings papers” or “advertisement papers” will not be considered for publication.

   - The papers considered for publication will be refereed. A few review papers will possibly be solicited by the editors.  


At the end of the conference, specific instructions about how and when to submitt the papers will be given.